How Do You Assess an Investigator’s Skill Set During the Hiring Process?

2022-03-16T14:30:20-04:00March 16th, 2022|Skills|


Have you hired an employee only to learn they don’t possess the skill set you thought they did?

As Barker Hutchinson grows, we’ve explored strategies to assess the quality of our candidates.  A challenge we faced in years past was how to objectively assess a candidate’s skill set during the hiring process rather than rely on our perception of how the candidate could develop into a skilled investigator.  There were times we got it right, but also times we were wrong; we lacked the ability to objectively assess skill, judgment and decision making in real-time.  This problem is certainly not unique to us, and the practical takeaways from our hiring strategy can likely be applied to a variety of industries, particularly the legal industry and other professional services. (more…)